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● DIY with SkeletonMan ● Existentialism ● Existentialism at Work ● The Trust Based Workplace ● Images of the World

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Workshops with focus on creativity, engagement and presence in collaboration with actors, yoga instructors and visual artists

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Music by DJ SkeletonMan, riveting story reading for children and "find yourself" inspiration for young people and organizations

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The key message is courage to honesty    
Michael Wolffhechel    

From our first breath, man's life is governed by four ultimate concerns we spend a lifetime relating to: Death, freedom, existential isolation, and meaninglessness.

Our existential anxiety for these conditions of life affect all our choices, relations and experiences - often in ways we are completely unconscious about. And they have a decisive influence on how we align what we think and what we do.  

From an organizational point of view this makes it imperative to have an understanding of the forces that rule deep in the human psyche since these flow through all organizational wishes and decisions - both individually and collectively.  

Thus, by combining organizational theory with existentialism we open for a fuller understanding of some fundamental dynamics that set the path from choice to decisions, actions, consensus and direction. In this manner, insight into existential dynamics offer renewed inspiration and energy to create a fruitful relation between an organization and its' members.

The project, however, is also challenging and demands a spiritual mode that is not easy to put in words.  

Renowned myth researcher Joseph Campbell in a reference to Heinrich Zimmer said it eloquently: The best things can't be told because they transcend thought. The second best things are misunderstood because they refer to that which can't be told. The third best is what you and I are talking about. 

On this website we have tried to identify various themes, we hope, we can talk about and that may open the mind to the wisdom of existentialism. 


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